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  • New year, New service

    Its the new year and like all companies we are trying to improve ourselves. As you can see we blog now (we’re early adopters for every trend) and we now have a new service.

    Old clients don’t fret we are still the same company you know and love (love us please?). If you’re still interested in getting a consultation on your new app or site idea, everything works the same just message us. Our How It Works section still explains our process of getting you all the information you need to make your project successful while saving a ton of cash.  Nothing has changed there.

    What has changed is that we are now offering an alternative setup for our more free spirited and free ballin clients. Over the last couple years we’ve seen a couple issues:

    1. While having Sprintkick build v1 is by far the cheapest and fastest way of getting your idea out of your head and into the market, what happens after that? Is our standard studio model the best way to continue the product development?

    2. What happens if you already have a product and you want to refactor, expand, or redo it?

    We’ll be the first admit that our model has strengths and weaknesses. If you want to take an idea and make it a reality, we can give you the market and technological expertise to do it right. When we’re building we keep you informed and educated on the process, the hurdles, and the reality of every situation. To do this though we have to create a project management layer between you and the development team. That lowers how much time you have to spend making tech decisions (and in general thinking about your app) but it creates a relay delay for changes and updates. You have a bug or just need to do maintenance? It can get tedious and lower your projects internal velocity. We’re aware of this so we decided to address this problem by restructuring part of our team.

    Enter “On Demand”. (

    Now, if you don’t want to go the traditional route or just need the developers you can get just that – and we’ll pass the cost savings off to you. Just tell us how many developers you need and what skillset/level you require and we’ll do the matching. If you build the first version of your application with us you can choose to keep on the original developers and minimize the onboarding time for new recruits.

    Hows its work? Its simple. Instead of getting an estimate for your spec, you get a direct line to our developers. What you build and where you take your product is not our concern, we just bill you a flat rate for the time you use. We’ll make our developers available to you part-time, full-time, and even overtime all at a flat rate of $25 / hr.

    Here are some sample scenarios in which you might want OnDemand developers:

    1. You already have a CTO, a product manager, or are just a really hands on founder/CEO.  You don’t need us to consult with you over your product strategy and would rather get the ball rolling fast and even cheaper.

    2. You need some serious developers with serious skills and you don’t want to spend 2 months onboarding someone locallwhose going to cost you $90k to hire and $150k to keep. Who could blame you. (But hey if you do find that one neckbeard that hasnt heard of Google and wants to subside solely off that twinkle in your eye, good for you.)

    3. You have a full team but you want to increase your internal velocity and get more done faster. You don’t need a management layer you just want to patch developers in.

    4. You have tech skills and this isnt your first application you’ve overseen. You’re confident you can delegate and run the show without our management help. Kudos to you – you get to save 20% on your per hour costs through us.

    (This list obviously isnt exhaustive, these are just the more common examples.)

    Now some of you are probably wondering if you’ll still get to use our management resources for everything else we offer and the answer is of course. Our advice and our nontechnical help is always free whether youre a client or not. Just don’t expect the regular weekly standup calls because only the developer will be tracking your product progress.

    Oh also and here are some buzzwords for you: Twitterverse, mindshare, bleeding-edge, long tail, and of course my favorite: solomo (social-local-mobile)

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